The regions most affected by burglaries are Île-de France and PACA and the number of burglaries in France is constantly on the rise with 166,000 in 2008 and 243,500 in 2016.

This amounts to 1 burglary every 1.5 minutes. Thankfully, in 95% of cases, the triggered alarm is enough to scare intruders away.

There are several protection solutions available :

Interior volumetric

The basis of electronic security, interior volumetric detection is used to detect motion in a defined zone with or without image confirmation. This type of detection can exclude small animals in order to ignore your pets.

Interior perimeter

This option detects an opening of or an impact on your windows, doors, garage doors, etc. This detection can be separate from the volumetric system, it therefore also offers protection when you’re inside.

Exterior perimeter

This option ensures detection around a site with or without image confirmation. Whether by infra-red barrier, passive infra-red, or thermal imaging, this solution ensures detection to protect the site’s periphery even when you are present on site. (Open windows, home-jacking, etc.)


These traditional cameras are both a monitoring tool as well as an alarm confirmation. This confirmation is very useful because it helps refine the operator’s reaction to an alarm thanks to the automatic connection on alarm trigger to your remote monitoring PC.

You can also see what’s happening on the premises at any time, from anywhere.

There are several types of viewing option:

Thermal imaging

This option is used for very sophisticated intrusion or breach detection by camera when traditional cameras relay numerous false alarms.

Licence plate readers

These specific cameras allow you to control access or manage vehicle comings and goings at your business.


There are over 250,000 home fires a year in France. This represents 800 deaths, 70% of which occur while victims were asleep.

This is why it’s so important to equip yourself, to protect both your property and your family.

We offer smoke and CO2 detectors directly connected to the central alarm station or independent station (according to the site and insurance requirements) for activation of a siren and remote monitoring.


This solution is used to control access to defined zones. Whether this is just one room in your villa or dozens of different points on your business premises.

Beyond the permission aspect, it provides you with access to a history of in and outflows for schedule management or service provider control management.


More and more frequent, home-jacking or personal attacks are truly shocking: Our system uses a remote control, a panic button, or a “duress” code to inform remote monitoring that you are in danger. Our operators can then implement special instructions.


The fog machine is used to fill a room with fog and prevent any visibility in just a few seconds. This system can be very useful for protecting your rooms or businesses where significant values are stored. This machine can be supplemented with DNA markers.


We now exclusively offer the installation of an autonomous drone. If an alarm is triggered by a sensor, the drone will immediately travel to it and instantly send video to the operator.

The rest of the time, it will be programmed to make rounds using GPS points of reference.

This new technology enables a rapid and dissuasive response.